I'm Tom. I produce events, activations, special projects.

Raised in Minnesota, I've lived in Chicago since 2012. I moved here to study at Loyola University Of Chicago, graduated in 2016 with a BA in Public Relations and a Minor in Environmental Studies. In 2014 I started as a customer service intern for Cards Against Humanity and worked my way up to the Events Directer position. I have had a hand in almost every large Cards Against Humanity project since then including the Superbowl Potato and CAH Saves America

In my free time I enjoy playing Pokémon and tabletop RPGs. I actually designed a zine that combines these two loves and called it Dungeons & Pokémon. I occasionally stream as a part-time broadcaster and Twitch.tv affiliate trying to clean up the toxicity in online gaming through positivity and friendship. 

I'm always happy to talk more about anything I do! Please reach out below.