C2E2 2018

Cards Against Humanity’s All Beef Marketing Gimmick was our first ever booth at the Chicago Comics and Entertainment Expo (C2E2). As Chicagoans ourselves, we wanted to something special for our hometown fans, and draw attention to our ongoing local events. I led our team's execution of a uniquely Chicago theme: hot dogs.

wooden hot dog front face.jpg

The Wooden Hot Dog

Branded with Cards Against Humanity's signature self-aware marketing, this five foot wooden hot dog prop was the booth's centerpiece. It drew crowds from open to close each day, and was featured in countless fan photographs. Here’s a selection of my favorites.

Free Okay Hot Dogs

To fit our budget, I secured specialty "pup" (half-sized) hot dogs and buns from Chicago's Vienna Beef. Because they were small and only came with mustard, we labeled them as “Free Okay Hot Dogs.” Local hot dog celebrity Hot Doug, chef Aaron McKay, and I served 4,500 dogs over three days to a full line, which was conveniently wrapped around the game sales area of our booth.

Cards Against Humanity Loves Chicago

Cards Against Humanity's connection to Chicago goes deeper than a shared appreciation of encased meats. We created a nifty guide to our favorite spots in the city that we gave to everyone who stopped by the booth to make them aware of our regular local comedy shows and game nights, which you can see below.

Hot Dog Pedestal

My favorite part of the booth was this rotating hot dog. We came up with this idea last minute.