Fan Expo Canada 2017

At Cards Against Humanity's first Canadian convention, we decided to apologize to our northern neighbors on behalf of the United States. Our American staffers handed out signed apologies from our Free Apology Booth for such transgressions as backing out of the Paris Agreement, not adopting the metric systems, and winning the last 20 Stanley Cups.

This was a successful crowd draw for our sales area, and generated significant press and social media attention.

jo apology booth.jpg


Everything in the booth reminded attendees of our American shame. Here are a few of my favorite examples.

Canadians loved the gag, and our staff had a fun time gently ribbing both countries. Fans who did not attend the show wanted their own apology letter so much that they offered to trade for them online.

You can see what people on Reddit thought of the booth here, and see more pictures from an attendee here.