In addition to large-scale trade shows and conventions, I have a wealth of experience running ongoing events programming in Chicago. From game nights to street festivals and comedy shows, I've managed and maintained a direhard community since 2014.



Cards Against Humanity Live

Lead Producer

Cards Against Humanity Live is a monthly comedy show where two hosts play our game on stage while local performers improvise scenes based on the best card combinations. The show regularly sells out and is a big hit with the audience.

As lead producer, I hire special guest hosts for each show, coordinate promotion and copywriting, and ensure a smooth overall experience. Read more here.

Chicago Game & Playtest Nights

Event Organizer & Producer

Cards Against Humanity was born out of the Chicago games and comedy scene. Because of this, we feel a responsibility to support local game designers, players, and comedians.


Since 2014, I have run themed game nights, playtests, learn-to-play events, and other programming to grow our local presence and foster a community of people who love and appreciate games. You can see more specific local events here.